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Schadenfreude – “Pleasure taken from someone else’s misfortune”

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Misfortune in this case being an inability to write decent Java code. I recently quit a side project that I spent a great deal of time on. I wrote most of the original application prototype code and I have to admit it was fun for a while. The pay was good, but it got to the point where the lack of direction and general cluelessness of the project got too irritating, so I left. I still have access to the source code repository, so I update about once a day and take great pleasure in seeing the team’s flailing (and unbelievably slow) attempts at implementing features.

So in the spirit of The Daily WTF, The BileBlog, and general schadenfreude, here’s some fun nuggets from the code base that have been added since I left (no particular order).

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