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ACLs in the Grails Spring Security Plugin

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Update: If you’re interested in using ACLs with Spring Security and Grails, you can use the Spring Security ACL plugin

It has taken way too long, but the Grails Spring Security plugin finally has ACL support. It’s not officially available yet, but people have offered to beta test an early version of the plugin with ACLs, so you can download that here and report any issues back. Once it’s stable I’ll do an official release.


Stephan February did the first work adding ACL support to the plugin. Unfortunately at the time the plugin was based on Acegi 1.0.x and I had just converted it to use Spring Security 2.0. No one did the work to convert the ACL support to the new package layout and approach, so this wasn’t used.

This is a frequently requested feature, so I created a feature request as a TODO item for myself. I found some time to work on this over the summer and created an initial GORM-based implementation (the standard Spring Security implementation uses JDBC). I was fortunate to be able to use this at a client project at InnoCentive which helped to flesh out the ideas and identify a few issues.

Around the same time, Phillip Merensky mentioned on the mailing list that he was working on an implementation. He wrote about his approach here and attached his version of the plugin to the JIRA issue. Phillip’s work was very helpful; I’ve merged his version with mine for the current implementation.

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