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This Week in Grails (2011-35)

Monday, September 05th, 2011

Cloud Foundry added support for PostgreSQL this week. Check out this post on the SpringSource blog for the details, including a writeup about how it’s actually a vFabric version of PostgreSQL optimized for virtualization. Chris Harris did a post on using PostgreSQL with Grails, although it uses the vmc commandline client since at that point the cloud-foundry plugin hadn’t been updated. The update has been released and it now has full support for PostgreSQL. It will ask if you want to create and bind a MySQL or a PostgreSQL service if you don’t have one already, and will offer to use an existing one if you do. It does the same startup reconfiguration as is does for MySQL, so it should be just as automatic and seamless as before.

Heroku announced support for Java applications this week. The model is simple – you push to Git to deploy your applications, but unfortunately the Java process currently requires Maven. But Tomas Lin and Graeme each got it working – see Tomas’ work here and Graeme’s sample project for 2.0 here.

Steve Dalton announced that there will be a GR8Conf in Australia this year, a one day “miniconf” at Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) 2011. The call for papers is open so submit your ideas soon.

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There was one new plugin released:

and 15 updated plugins:

  • cloud-foundry version 1.1. Integrates Cloud Foundry’s cloud deployment services to manage the running of Grails applications in the cloud from the command line
  • compass-scss-integration version 0.3.0. Compass, SASS and SCSS support for Grails
  • dojo version Integrates the Dojo javascript toolkit
  • extended-validation version 1.1.2. Provides partial validation of (groups) of fields, cascaded validation and instance validators for non-domain objects.
  • external-config-reload version 0.4.3. Polls for changes to external configuration files (files added to grails.config.locations), reloads the configuration when a change has occurred, and notifies specified plugins by firing the onConfigChange event in each
  • functional-test-development version 0.2. Installs a script, develop-functional-tests, that you can use to develop your functional tests more conveniently
  • gsp-taglib version 0.3. Makes it possible to declare tags in a gsp in grails-app/taglib
  • inviter version 0.3. A Grails port of the functionality found in the OpenInviter PHP project
  • jqueryui-widget version 0.1.4. Allows the creation of jQuery-UI via Grails TagLibs
  • lesscss version 1.0.0. Less CSS framework plugin
  • oauth version 0.12. Provides easy interaction with OAuth service providers
  • regen version 0.2.15. Provides a generation framework and a set of pluggable artefacts under grails-app/generators
  • scala version 0.6.3. Allows you to compile Scala sources in the /src/java and /src/scala folders of your application
  • spring-security-twitter version 0.3.2. Twitter authentication as extension to the Spring Security Core plugin
  • tropo-webapi-grails version 0.2. Use Tropo’s cloud API to add phone, SMS and Instant Messaging support

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