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This Week in Grails (2012-20)

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Grails 2.1 RC1 was released this week. As always you should look at upgrading to 2.1 now to find issues earlier rather than later.

Please try out the cache plugins. They should be pretty stable, and we’ll have better support and documentation for migrating from the springcache plugin soon.

GR8Conf EU is in just a few weeks – be sure to get your ticket soon. There was one speaker interview this week:

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There was one new plugin released:

  • dustjs-resources version 0.2. Supports server-side compilation of .dust template files to their .js counterparts

and 10 updated plugins:

  • bootstrap-file-upload version 2.1.0. Integrates Sebastian Tschan’s Jquery File Upload (
  • eclipse-scripts version 1.0.6. Downloads and links sources and javadocs for dependencies from public repositories
  • export version 1.3. Export domain objects to a variety of formats (CSV, Excel, ODS, PDF, RTF and XML)
  • fitnesse version 2.0.4. Makes it possible to use the popular Open Source testing framework Fitnesse in combination with Grails.
  • functional-spock version 0.6. Allows you to write and run Spock specs under the functional test scope
  • google-visualization version 0.5.1. Provides a taglib for the interactive charts of the Google Visualization API
  • random version 0.2. Wraps the high-performance, statistically sound Uncommons Maths Pseudorandom Number Generators
  • redis version 1.3.1. Provides integration with a Redis datastore
  • release version 2.0.2. Publishes Grails plugins either to a public or private repository
  • routing version 1.2.2. Send and route messages to a wide variety of destination endpoints directly from your Controllers and Services using Camel

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