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This Week in Grails (2013-15)

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

The Groovy team released Groovy 2.0.8 and 2.1.3 this week.

Peter Ledbrook wrote up some thoughts about the future of Grails on his blog.

Check out this recent GGUG talk on Grails services, command objects and design approaches.

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There were 3 new plugins released:

  • grooscript-vertx version 0.2.5. Convert your Groovy files to Javascript
  • search-fields version 0.1. Auto-generate search query based on DSL in domain classes
  • yui-war-minify version 1.2. Runs yui-compressor on css and javascript resources at WAR creation time

and 11 updated plugins:

  • build-info version 1.2.4. Provides a controller/view that display basic information about the war file
  • coffeescript-resources version 0.3.8. Create coffeescript modules that automatically compiles on every file change with jCoffeeScript
  • cxf version 1.1.1. Expose Grails services as SOAP web services via CXF
  • cxf-client version 1.5.3. Use existing (or new) Apache CXF wsdl2java generated content to invoke SOAP services
  • easyui version 0.9. Supplies jQuery EasyUI resources and taglibs
  • ember-templates-precompiler version 0.4.1. Precompiles EmberJS powered Handlebars templates
  • envers version 2.1.0. Integrates with Hibernate Envers
  • filterpane version 2.1.3. Adds filtering capabilities
  • gson version 1.1.4. Provides alternate JSON (de)serialization using Google’s Gson library
  • paypal version 0.6.9. Adds PayPal integration
  • uploadr version 0.7.3. HTML5 Drag and Drop file uploader

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