This Week in Grails (2012-10)

We moved the site to VMware hosting this week. There were a couple of small glitches but everything’s back and working well. So we’re really eating our own dogfood now; the site is written in Grails, it runs on tc Server, and is hosted on VMware infrastructure. There are some new pages on the updated site; check out Getting Started, Tutorials, and Web Sites

STS 2.9.0 was released this week. Check out the New and Noteworthy PDF for all the new and updated Groovy, Grails, and Gradle stuff in this release. This release includes the latest release of the Groovy-Eclipse plugin; you can see what’s new in version 2.6.1 here.

Spock 0.6 was released this week, and it has a ton of cool new features. Check out this blog post discussing what’s new in version 0.6. Luke updated Geb to version 0.6.3 to use the new release.

Get your tickets for GR8Conf US soon – the price goes up on March 17th.

Looks like there’s a new site with Grails screencasts, Grails Example. The url looks like “grail sex ample” to me though 🙂

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There were 2 new plugins released:

  • cookie-session version 0.1.2. Allows you to store session data in a cookie
  • rest-client-builder version 1.0.2. Provides an alternative REST client implementation based on Spring’s RestTemplate that is not tied to commons-http-client

and 21 updated plugins:

  • build-test-data version 2.0.2. Enables the easy creation of test data by automatic inspection of constraints
  • cloud-support version 1.0.9. Support plugin to help cloud plugins update service provider connection information from the cloud environment
  • commentable version 0.8.1. Mark up any of your domain classes as having comments and then use the tag library and partial templates to integrate comments into your views
  • dbunit-operator version 1.6.2. Create initial data with the help of DbUnit
  • equals-hashcode-test version 0.2-spock-0.6. Base Spock specification for testing equals and hashCode methods of domain classes and other Groovy objects
  • geolocation version 0.4.1. Adds HTML5 geolocation support and offers some utility methods to calculate distances and range checks
  • greenmail version 1.3.2. Provides a wrapper around GreenMail and provides a view that displays ‘sent’ messages – useful for testing
  • gsp-taglib version 0.5. Makes it possible to declare tags in a gsp in grails-app/taglib
  • jasper version 1.5.3. Enables use of JasperReports
  • jdbc-pool version Replaces default Grails Commons DBCP Pool with Tomcat JDBC Pool (
  • neo4j version 1.0.0.M2. GORM for Neo4j
  • pluginator version 0.2.2. Lets you define callbacks and properties in an application that are normally only available in plugins, e.g. doWithWebDescriptor, doWithDynamicMethods, loadAfter, observe, etc.
  • rabbitmq version 0.4-SNAPSHOT. Integrates with Rabbit MQ messaging
  • rocks version 1.0.1. Provides a UI and tools for working with plugins and also submitting Grailsrocks commercial support tickets
  • spock version 0.6. Brings the power of the Spock testing and specification framework to Grails
  • stripe version 1.0. Use Stripe to process credit card transactions
  • tooltip version 0.7. Provides a lightweight, lightning fast and cross-browser compatible tooltip that is very easy to use
  • twitter-bootstrap version Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework resource files
  • viaboxx-dbmigrate version 1.3.3. Setup and migrate the database of your project
  • yui-minify-resources version 0.1.5. Minifies static css and js resources using the YUI Compressor library
  • zendesk version 1.0.4. Interface to Zendesk support system via their API

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    Hey Burt,

    Really nice updates on your Grails blog. I know your blog is CC 3 but I still wanted to ask you if it’s okay to republish some of your weekly updates in the Groovy Zone on (

    Thanks for letting me know.

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