This Week in Grails (2012-24)

Groovy 2.0 RC3 was released this week.

Rob’s at it again with a cool updated variant on Grails scaffolding, this time using AngularJS. Check out the demo app here.

Plugin developers should be sure to upgrade to the latest version (2.0.3) of the release plugin. Peter updated it so the error messages are more helpful. Register it in BuildConfig.groovy like this (explicitly listing the release plugin’s rest-client-builder dependency so they’re both properly excluded with export = false):

plugins {
   build(':release:2.0.3', ':rest-client-builder:1.0.2') {
      export = false

Spring Tool Suite (the new name for the IDE formerly known as Springsource Tool Suite) 3.0.0.M2 was released this week. Download here (click “Other Downloads >”). As of this version there will be two distributions, the traditional one and the “Groovy/Grails Tool Suite”. It’s a smaller version without all of the plugins in the other distribution (but you can manually install them) but it comes preconfigured for Groovy and Grails development: Groovy-Eclipse with Groovy 1.8, Grails IDE, tc Server integration, and runtimes for tc Server Developer Edition 2.7.0 and Grails 2.0.4.

Tim Yates is working on an interesting project.

Registration is now open for SpringOne2GX 2012, and the schedule should be updated later this week. Register by July 21st and save $400.

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There was one new plugin released:

  • address version 0.1. An address domain object that can be embedded in other domain object to save redefining it all the time

and 4 updated plugins:

  • facebook-sdk version 0.3.2. Allows your application to use the Facebook Platform and develop Facebook apps on or on web sites (with Facebook Connect)
  • release version 2.0.3. Publishes Grails plugins either to a public or private repository
  • vaadin version 1.5.4. Adds Vaadin ( integration
  • zkui version 0.5.2. Seamlessly integrates ZK with Grails’ infrastructures; uses the Grails’ infrastructures such as GSP, controllers rather than zk’s zul as in ZKGrails plugin

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