This Week in Grails (2012-48)

The 2012 Groovy & Grails Exchange is next week – better get your tickets before they sell out.

The early bird price for the Greach conference has been extended until December 12, so grab a ticket before the price goes up.

Peter Ledbrook left VMware last week. It’s obviously a big loss for us, but potentially your gain since you can now hire him as a consultant 🙂

I released a new plugin this week, app-info-hibernate and wrote a blog post about it and the updated db-reverse-engineer plugin.

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There were 5 new plugins released:

  • app-info-hibernate version 0.2. Add-on for the app-info plugin, adds extensive HIbernate information and graphs
  • fresh-security version 1.0.2.RC1. Security that “just works”, backed by Spring Security
  • funky-test-load version 0.3.9. Enables functional tests to be used as light load tests
  • localhome-config version 0.2. Configure the external configuration in ~/.grails/appName/files(Config.groovy,grails-app/i18n,web-app/)
  • mail-on-exception version 0.1. Allows one to specify an email address where all frontend exceptions will be sent

and 15 updated plugins:

  • airbrake version 0.9.1. Notifier plugin for integrating apps with Airbrake
  • akka version 0.6. Akka actors integration from Groovy and Java, in a Servlet 3.x environment
  • cassandra-astyanax version 0.3.2. Exposes the Astyanax Cassandra client as a Grails service and adds dynamic methods
  • cassandra-orm version 0.3.2. Provides GORM-like dynamic methods for persisting Groovy objects into Cassandra (but does not implement the GORM API)
  • cloud-bees version 0.6.1. Adds scripts to integrate with the CloudBees client API
  • cookie-session version 2.0.2. Allows you to store session data in a cookie
  • database-migration version 1.2.1. Official Grails plugin for database migrations
  • db-reverse-engineer version 0.5. Reverse-engineers a database to Grails domain classes.
  • functional-test version 2.0.RC1. Functional web testing using HtmlUnit to simulate the client browser
  • handlebars-resources version 0.3.2. Supports using Handlebars.js templates with the Grails Resources Plugin
  • jesque version 0.5.1. Groovier approach to using jesque
  • rabbitmq version 1.0.0. Integrates with Rabbit MQ messaging
  • rabbitmq-tasks version 0.5.3. Run background tasks using RabbitMQ to queue them
  • simple-captcha version 0.9.2. Creates simple image CAPTCHAs that protect against automated completion and submission of HTML forms
  • vaadin version 1.7.0-beta10. Adds Vaadin ( integration

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