This Week in Grails (2013-02)

Graeme wrote about the new Aether-based depedency resolution approach in 2.3. Aether is missing a few features that Ivy has but makes up for that in several ways, in particular by being significantly faster.

The Groovy team released an RC of Groovy 2.1. Lots of cool stuff there, the most interesting to me being support for invokedynamic. This promises to bring huge performance increases without any annotations or code changes (as long as you’re using a JDK version that supports it).

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There were no new plugins released but 11 updated:

  • asynchronous-mail version 1.0-RC1. Send email asynchronously by storing them in the database and sending with a Quartz job
  • clover version Integrates the Clover code coverage tool
  • cookie-session version 2.0.3. Allows you to store session data in a cookie
  • cucumber version 0.8.0. Test your Grails apps with Cucumber
  • easygrid version 1.1.0. Provides a convenient and agile way of defining Data Grids
  • kissmetrics version 0.2.0. Allows your Grails application to use KISSmetrics APIs
  • localizations version Store i18n strings in a database
  • quartz version 1.0-RC5. Schedules jobs to be executed with a specified interval or cron expression using the Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler
  • remote-pagination version 0.4.1. Provides tags for pagination and to sort columns without page refresh using Ajax and loads only the list of objects needed
  • slug-generator version 0.2. Generates unique slugs for String properties, for example to generate unique ‘nice’ urls for access to domain objects
  • vero version 0.2.0. Allows your Grails application to use Vero APIs

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