This Week in Grails (2013-07)

The Groovy team announced three Groovy releases this week.

Check out this interview with Jeff Brown on Grails 2 and Groovy.

Several more Greach videos were released this week. Check out the sessions page and click through to each one to view its video.

Rob Fletcher announced this week that he will no longer be supporting a few of his plugins.

Stéphane Maldini suggested a new theme.

Programming Grails went to “production” this week, so it should be in print in a month or so.

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There were 3 new plugins released:

  • dumbster version 0.1. Adds support for the Dumbster SMTP server for testing
  • geasyui version 0.2. Supplies jQuery EasyUI resources and taglibs
  • recaptcha-spring-security version 0.1. Using recaptcha with spring security core for brute force defender

and 11 updated plugins:

  • build-test-data version 2.0.4. Enables the easy creation of test data by automatic inspection of constraints
  • coffeescript-compiler version 0.7. Compiles .coffee source files into .js files
  • cookie-session version 2.0.7. Allows you to store session data in a cookie
  • easygrid version 1.3.0. Provides a convenient and agile way of defining Data Grids
  • ember-templates-precompiler version 0.4.0. Precompiles EmberJS powered Handlebars templates
  • feature-switch version 0.7. Allows turning on and off of features
  • pretty-time version 2.1.3.Final-1.0.1. Displays human readable, relative timestamps
  • remote-pagination version 0.4.2. Provides tags for pagination and to sort columns without page refresh using Ajax and loads only the list of objects needed
  • spreedly version 0.1.7. Provides access to the Spreedly online payment service API
  • spring-security-facebook version 0.12.2. Plugin for Facebook Authentication, as extension to Grails Spring Security Core plugin
  • underscore version 1.4.4. Simple plugin wrapper for useful Underscore.js library

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    Thanks for your efforts)

  2. J. David Beutel says:

    You must mean Rob Fletcher instead of Marc Palmer.

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