This Week in Grails (2011-13)

Grails 1.4 development is coming along well; Graeme has done some very cool work with AST transformations to make GORM methods available in the bytecode instead of just in the MetaClass, and has also added support for abstract inheritance. Jeff is adding a new findOrCreateWhere() method that has been requested a few times. Luke Daley merged in his Ivy dependency management code rework, and Robert Fletcher’s scaffolding rework looks great. Check out the Roadmap for the current plan for 1.4.

Congratulations to Stéphane Maldini for becoming the latest Grails committer. He contributed several fixes and enhancements and is looking at some new AST transforms for GSPs (in part to help with Groovy++ integration).

GR8Conf is coming up next month and the organizers are publishing interviews with the presenters. They have a few up and the rest will be posted periodically (including mine once I get off my butt and submit mine):

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There was 1 new plugin released:

and 11 updated plugins:

  • drools-gorm version 0.5.0. Integrates Drools 5.2 and jBPM 5 and provides persistent storage using GORM
  • facebook-graph version 0.11. Provides access to the Facebook Graph API and makes easier the development of a single sign-on using the Facebook Authentication proposal.
  • flash-helper version 0.5. Simplifies and standardizes the process of adding/reading messages in the flash scope
  • grails-melody version 1.2. Integrates the JavaMelody system monitoring tool
  • infinispan version 0.4.1. Adds support for the JBoss Infinispan distributed cache
  • jquery version 1.5.2. Integrates jQuery
  • jquery-ui version Supplies jQuery UI resources, and depends on the jQuery plugin to include the core jquery libraries
  • mongodb-morphia version 0.7.2. Alternative MongoDB GORM based on the Morphia library (former gorm-mongodb)
  • spawn version 0.4. Allows you to specify a specific template for a domain class
  • spring-security-openid version 1.0.2. OpenID authentication support for the Spring Security plugin
  • weceem version 1.0-RC1.SNAPSHOT. A content management system

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