This Week in Grails (2011-19)

Good news for STS users this week, 2.7.0.M1 was released and the new Groovy and Grails features look great – and there’s preliminary support for Gradle! Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.0 was also released – be sure to check the New and Noteworthy page. And there’s also a new blog post on the new DSL support feature that was announced last week.

GR8Conf starts this Tuesday, and the final presenter interviews have been published:

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There were 5 new plugins released:

  • force-response-download version 0.1. Forces the browser to open a dialog for downloading content produced within controller actions
  • jprogress version 0.2. Simplifies the use of JQuery and progress bars
  • zk-hibernate version 1.1-M1. Hibernate support for ZKGrails
  • zk-mongodb version 1.1-M1. Spring MongoDB Datastore support for ZK and Grails
  • zk-redis version 1.1-M1. Spring Redis Datastore support for ZK and Grails

and 11 updated plugins:

  • activiti version 5.5. Integrates the Activiti BPM Suite and workflow system
  • activiti-spring-security version 0.4.2. Integrates Spring Security to Activiti as custom IdentityService
  • aws version Provide easy access to simpler functions of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • domain-expectations version 0.6.1. A test framework that allows you to test your domain/command constraints by defining expectations within a unit test or integration test
  • extended-validation version 1.0.5. Provides partial validation of (groups) of fields, cascaded validation and instance validators for non-domain objects.
  • flash-helper version 0.6. Simplifies and standardizes the process of adding/reading messages in the flash scope
  • modernizr version 1.7.2. Provides the Modernizr Javascript library resource files from
  • scala version 0.6.1. Allows you to compile Scala sources in the /src/java and /src/scala folders of your application
  • stella version 1.4.1. Plugin que integra o framework brasileiro Stella ( para seu projeto grails
  • zk version 1.1-M1. Adds ZK Ajax framework ( support to Grails applications
  • zk-ee version 1.1-M1. Enterprise Addons for the ZK plugin

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