This Week in Grails (2011-25)

Yesterday Graeme tweeted about some cool Grails startups, and it resulted in several replies from others also working on cool Grails startups. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on:

Like most weeks there are several job listings to check out, but I wanted to point out one in particular (the first one in the list). I did some consulting before joining SpringSource and PQA (now a part of SRA International) in Charlottesville, VA was one of the places I worked with. I’m not sure if things have changed now that they’re part of a larger company, but when I worked with them the team was great to work with. Smart people, interesting problems, and as a bonus they’re working on saving the world working with air quality and carbon offset trading. And Charlottesville is a beautiful city. If you’re looking and are nearby or interested in relocating I highly recommend checking them out.

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Translations of this post:


There were 3 new plugins released:

and 5 updated plugins:

  • avatar version 0.5.1. Provides a taglib for displaying avatars
  • filterpane version Adds filtering capabilities
  • i18n-fields version 0.5. Provides a declarative way of localizing domain classes’ fields for different languages
  • jalarms version 0.3. Send application notifications using a wide range of protocols via JAlarms
  • sharding version 0.4. Defines multiple database shards to horizontally scale data

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One Response to “This Week in Grails (2011-25)”

  1. Davide Cavestro says:

    I think you should put more emphasis on new features related to the multiple datasources support. I saw on week 2011-23 you worked at a transaction manager plugin. If I understood right, you’ve put the basis to use xa resources (even JMS for instance) and maybe distributed transactions, hence opening the door to scenarios where multiple grails applications share for instance portion of domain data through a common db (think at some domain objects provided by ad-hoc private plugins) and maybe keep them in sync using jms. They could even interoperate with other non-grails apps and still guarantee transactional behavior (even with 2pc limitations it’s very good). Moreover having a plugin for the transaction manager – as you said – people can use their preferred one (jbossts, jotm and so on), always over the old good spring transaction management abstraction. If it is true, this is really not only about using multiple datasources and having programmatic control over transactions, but something more rich.

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