This Week in Grails (2011-29)

Looks like last week was a bit of a fluke since this week was a lot busier than usual – 5 new plugins and 17 updated, and 22(!) jobs. I guess the vacations are over 🙂

The fifth Groovy & Grails eXchange was announced this week. It will be December 8th and 9th in London and the price is only £195 until August 30 so be sure to register early. I went two years ago and had a great time – I highly recommend going.

Groovy 1.8.1 and the first beta of 1.9 were released this week. There are a few Java 7 features implemented in 1.9, and 1.8 has more performance optimizations for primitives, plus other new features and bug fixes.

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There were 5 new plugins released:

  • coffeescript-resources version 0.2. Create coffeescript modules that automatically compiles on every file change with jCoffeeScript
  • jetty-standalone version 0.2. Allows you to easily deploy an application as a standalone web application
  • spock-grails-env-extensions version 0.1. Spock extensions that allow to execute and ignore tests for given Grails environments.
  • jslider version 0.1. Supplies jSlider resources
  • plugin-config version 0.1. Simplifies plugin configuration tasks

and 17 updated plugins:

  • apns version 0.5.3. Apple Push Notification Service Integration
  • batch-launcher version 0.5.5. Load and run batch (non-webapp) Grails applications
  • extjs4 version 4.0.2a.0. Provides Ext JS 4 resources
  • freemarker-tags version 0.7.1. Use Grails Dynamic Tag Libraries as Freemarker directives
  • fsm version 0.6.2. Finite State Machine behavior
  • google-analytics version 1.0. Provides a simple taglib to embed Google Analytics pageview tracking to your Grails application
  • ic-alendar version 0.3.2. Export event data in the iCalendar format
  • lesscss-resources version 0.4. Optimises the use of css files, compiling .less files into their .css counterprt, and place the css into the processing chain to be available to the other resource plugin features
  • mongodb-morphia version 0.5.4. Alternative MongoDB GORM based on the Morphia library (former gorm-mongodb)
  • release version 1.0.0.RC1. Publishes Grails plugins either to a public or private repository
  • routing version 1.1.3. Send and route messages to a wide variety of destination endpoints directly from your Controllers and Services using Camel
  • routing-jms version 1.1.3. JMS integration for the grails-routing plugin
  • screencasts version 0.5.3. Allows the upload, management and display of screencasts
  • searchable version 0.6.1. Adds rich search functionality to Grails domain models
  • shopping-cart version 0.5. Provides generic shopping cart functionality
  • taggable version 0.6.4. Adds support for associating tags with domain classes
  • ulc version 0.3.4. Provides access to the Canoo UltraLightClient (ULC) RIA kit

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