This Week in Grails (2011-38)

Bobby Warner is attempting to make hell freeze over with his new Ruby Plugin. Not sure what to call this – “JRuby on Grails”? This is a followup to his post on Polyglot Grails.

This week brings even more “Groovy Goodness” posts from Mr. Haki:

Joachim Baumann is writing a book in German about Groovy, and blogging in English along the way. Check out his series of posts on AST transformations:

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Translations of this post:


There were 2 new plugins released:

  • ruby version 1.0.M1. Use Ruby code in Grails via JRuby
  • zoo-keeper version 0.1. Helper plugin to make working with ZooKeeper more Groovyish

and 12 updated plugins:

  • ajax-uploader version 0.5. Tag Library which implements Andrew Valum’s excellent file uploader
  • cloud-foundry version 1.1.1. Integrates Cloud Foundry’s cloud deployment services to manage the running of Grails applications in the cloud from the command line
  • cloud-foundry-ui version 1.1. Provides a basic monitoring UI for Cloud Foundry applications
  • console-enhancements version 0.3. Enhances the grails console output for better visibility
  • cucumber version 0.1.0. Test your Grails apps with Cucumber
  • jasper version 1.2.2. Enables use of JasperReports
  • jesque-web version 0.11.M5. Web interface to view and manage jesque queues, jobs and workers
  • json-rest-api version 1.0.10. JSON RESTful API for GORM
  • lesscss-resources version 0.6.1. Optimises the use of css files, compiling .less files into their .css counterprt, and place the css into the processing chain to be available to the other resource plugin features
  • new-doc version 0.2.0. A backport of the additional functionality offered in the doc command in Grails 2.0.x
  • uploadr version 0.5.0. HTML5 Drag and Drop file uploader
  • yui-minify-resources version 0.1.1. Minifies static css and js resources using the YUI Compressor library

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