This Week in Grails (2011-44)

Lots of Groovy/Grails conferences happening currently. It sounds like folks had a good time at Greach from what I can tell from Twitter. And the schedule for the Groovy & Grails eXchange (coming up next month) was updated – it looks like it’s going to be an interesting couple of days.

In the plugins section the Hibernate Search plugin is listed as being updated, but the original release was only a simple proof of concept and the current one is completely new. It looks like it’s a good alternative to the Searchable plugin.

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There was 1 new plugin released:

  • struts-menu version 1.1. Basic Grails wrapper for Struts Menu

and 12 updated plugins:

  • cxf-client version 1.1. Use existing (or new) Apache CXF wsdl2java generated content to invoke SOAP services
  • dojo version Integrates the Dojo javascript toolkit
  • flash-player version 1.4. Provides a Grails TagLib wrapper around the JW FLV Media Player
  • hibernate-search version 0.1. Integrates Hibernate Search for domain classes
  • json-rest-api version 1.0.11. JSON RESTful API for GORM
  • spring-security-facebook version 0.3. Plugin for Facebook Authentication, as extension to Grails Spring Security Core plugin
  • spring-security-twitter version 0.3.4. Twitter authentication as extension to the Spring Security Core plugin
  • swfobject version 2.2.1. Resources and tags for swfobject
  • twitter-bootstrap version Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework resource files
  • weceem version 1.1.SNAP4. A content management system
  • xwiki-rendering version 0.3. Convert texts using XWiki Rendering Framework
  • yui version Provides integration with the Yahoo! UI Library

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2 Responses to “This Week in Grails (2011-44)”

  1. Philippe says:

    I see no doc for Hibernate Search plugin in the plugin’s web page. Is there any blog post speaking about it anywhere ?

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