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This Week in Grails (2011-01)

Sunday, January 09th, 2011

This week had a lot of activity – over 20 plugins were updated and there were a lot of job leads.

I’ve added a new section for Meetups, user group meetings, etc. I’ll post whatever I find, but if you run a user group please contact me in advance of the meetup and I’ll be sure to get it included in that week’s update.

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Miscellaneous Items


There were 5 new plugins released:

  • blanq-mail version 0.3. Send asynchronous email
  • content-buffer version 1.0-RC1. Use this plugin to append page fragments to pre-defined sections in your layout template
  • sendfile version 0.1. Allow the use of sendfile or X-sendfile functionality of web-servers.
  • jquery-plugin-authoring version 1.0.1. Template to make creating jQuery plugins easier
  • weceem-spring-security version 1.0-RC1. Provides the glue needed to make Weceem plugin use Spring Security for authorisation and authentication.

There were also several updated plugins:

  • activiti version 5.1. Integrates the Activiti BPM Suite and workflow system
  • ajaxflow version 0.1.15. Enables Ajaxified Webflows
  • attachmentable version 0.2.0. Provides a generic way to add and manage attachments
  • batch-launcher version 0.4.2. Load and run batch (non-webapp) Grails applications
  • extended-data-binding version 0.5. DataBinder configuration
  • fixtures version 1.0.2. Load test data via a convenient DSL
  • full-calendar version Adds support for the FullCalendar jQuery plugin
  • gsp-arse version 1.2. Parse scripts, css, special files as GSP
  • jasypt-encryption version 0.1.2. Integration the Jasypt encryption library
  • jquery version Integrates jQuery
  • jquery-validation version 1.7.3. Supplies jQuery Validation resources, and depends on the jQuery plugin to include the core jquery libraries.
  • jquery-validation-ui version 1.1.1. Client Side Validation without writing JavaScript
  • liquibase version LiquiBase Database Refactoring
  • multi-tenant-core version 1.0.2. Lets you run multiple ‘customers’ (or tenants) from one installation of a Grails application
  • nerderg-form-tags version 1.1. Form Taglib
  • rendering version 0.4.2. Render GSPs as PDFs, JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs
  • remote-control version 1.1. Execute code inside a remote Grails application
  • rest version 0.6. Enables the usage of HTTPBuilder
  • smartgwt version 0.2. Integrates GWT and SmartGWT
  • spreedly version 0.1.4. Provides access to the Spreedly online payment service API
  • webdav version 0.3.1. Provides a webdav interface
  • webtest version 3.0.1. Integrates webtest functional testing

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