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This Week in Grails (2011-40)

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Cédric Champeau has added a new Groovy Enhancement Proposal (GEP) for static type checking. This is for an optional stricter “grumpy” mode of Groovy similar to Groovy++ where the compiler will generate more warnings and errors to give developers feedback about problems earlier than if they were in traditional Groovy.

Lots of job activity this week, including five listings at Taulia in San Francisco.

Only two more weeks until SpringOne/2GX – it should be another great conference this year.

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There was one new plugin released:

  • recurly version 0.98. Communicate with Recurly servers

and 13 updated plugins:

  • cloud-foundry version 1.2. Integrates Cloud Foundry’s cloud deployment services to manage the running of Grails applications in the cloud from the command line
  • cloud-support version 1.0.6. Support plugin to help cloud plugins update service provider connection information from the cloud environment
  • compass-sass version 0.4.3. Compass, SASS and SCSS support for Grails. Automatically compiles .scss/.sass during run-app, and adds other framework functionality
  • dbconsole version 1.1. Provides a web based database console for pre-1.4 apps
  • fsm version 0.6.5. Finite State Machine behavior
  • html-validator version 0.3. Uses JTidy to do sanity checks on html files
  • image-builder version 0.2. A simple image builder
  • new-doc version 0.2.1. A backport of the additional functionality offered in the doc command in Grails 2.0.x
  • sharding version 0.6. Defines multiple database shards to horizontally scale data
  • spring-social-core version 0.1.29. Allows you to connect your applications with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers such as Facebook and Twitter
  • spring-social-twitter version 0.1.28. Connect your applications with Twitter
  • taggable version 1.0. Adds support for associating tags with domain classes
  • tropo-webapi-grails version 0.2.1. Use Tropo’s cloud API to add phone, SMS and Instant Messaging support

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