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This Week in Grails (2011-42)

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The big news this week was the RC1 release of Grails 2.0. Things are progressing well for the 2.0 final release in November. If you haven’t already you should check out 2.0, and you should definitely be looking at upgrading your applications to take advantage of all the new features.

STS 2.8.0 was also released this week. Check out the New and Noteworthy docs for all of the new groovy-eclipse and Grails features (including support for Grails 2.0).

It’s hard to believe that SpringOne 2GX is already here and starts this Tuesday. And the week after that is Greach, followed by GR8Conf Australia two weeks later, and then Groovy & Grails eXchange three weeks after that. Anybody lucky enough to be going to all four?

The Spring Events plugin was updated this week to work with Grails 2.0. If you’re using the publishEvent method added to artifacts (domain classes, controllers and services) everything will still work, but if you were using the applicationEventMulticaster or eventPublisher Spring beans directly you’ll need to change to use the new asyncApplicationEventMulticaster and asyncEventPublisher beans.

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There were 2 new plugins released:

  • spring-security-facebook version 0.2.3. Plugin for Facebook Authentication, as extension to Grails Spring Security Core plugin
  • rich-domain version 0.1. Provides dependency injection for POGOs that are not Grails domain classes

and 20 updated plugins:

  • bean-fields version 1.0.RC5. Provides a suite of tags for rendering form fields for domain and command objects
  • cloud-bees version 0.1.2. Adds scripts to integrate with the CloudBees client API
  • compass-sass version 0.5.1. Compass, SASS and SCSS support for Grails. Automatically compiles .scss/.sass during run-app, and adds other framework functionality
  • grails-ui version 1.2.1. Provides a standard UI tag library for ajaxy widgets using YUI
  • gsp-resources version 0.2. Use the resources plugin to include static files like main.css.gsp, so dynamically built CSS and JS can be served as proper files instead of inlined in a non-cacheable GSP file
  • jesque-web version 0.12. Web interface to view and manage jesque queues, jobs and workers
  • mongodb version 1.0.0.RC1. Aims to provide an object-mapping layer on top of MongoDB
  • mongodb-morphia version 0.7.5. Alternative MongoDB GORM based on the Morphia library (former gorm-mongodb)
  • navigation version 1.3.2. Implements simple menu navigation using convention
  • new-doc version 0.3.0. A backport of the additional functionality offered in the doc command in Grails 2.0.x
  • proxool version 0.3. Proxool jdbc connection pool plugin
  • resources version 1.1.1. A resource management and processing framework
  • screencasts version 0.5.4. Allows the upload, management and display of screencasts
  • serializable-session version 0.4. Enforces that the session will only accept serializable objects
  • spring-events version 1.2. Provides asynchronous Spring application event processing for Grails applications
  • spring-security-core version 1.2.4. The official Grails security plugin; integrates with Spring Security
  • spring-security-saml version 1.0.0.M3. SAML 2.x support for the Spring Security Plugin
  • twitter-bootstrap version Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework resource files
  • zk version 1.0.6. Adds ZK Ajax framework ( support to Grails applications
  • zk-ee version 1.0.6. Enterprise Addons for the ZK plugin

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