This Week in Grails (2011-48)

There were some blocking issues in the 2.0 RC2 release, so we released RC3 on Friday. Please test this release – a lot of issues have been fixed and we’d like to make sure the 2.0 final release is as stable as possible.

Marc Palmer and I had some fun this week releasing and re-releasing the resources and spring-security-core plugins. Both plugins add filters to web.xml that need to be in particular positions, and if both were installed they would interfere with each other. So I added a feature to the webxml to handle filter-mapping reordering. There were some issues along the way but the latest versions should work well together.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet for the Groovy & Grails eXchange time is running out – it’s this week! I’ll be doing a new talk, “Hacking the Spring Security Plugin”, which will go into the details of how the plugin works and approaches you should use to customize its behavior and debug issues.

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There were no new plugins released but 18 updated:

  • activiti version 5.8. Integrates the Activiti BPM Suite and workflow system
  • browser-detection version 0.3.1. Provides a service and tag library for browser detection
  • console-enhancements version 0.5. Enhances the grails console output for better visibility
  • cxf-client version 1.2.3. Use existing (or new) Apache CXF wsdl2java generated content to invoke SOAP services
  • gemfire version 1.0.0.M5. The GemFire plugin provides integration with the GemFire in-memory distributed data management platform.
  • grails-melody version 1.10. Integrates the JavaMelody system monitoring tool
  • gwt version 0.6.1. Incorporates GWT into Grails
  • mongodb version 1.0.0.RC2. Aims to provide an object-mapping layer on top of MongoDB
  • mongodb-morphia version 0.7.6. Alternative MongoDB GORM based on the Morphia library (former gorm-mongodb)
  • remote-pagination version 0.2.7. Provides tags for pagination and to sort columns without page refresh using Ajax and loads only the list of objects needed
  • resources version 1.1.3. A resource management and processing framework
  • rich-domain version 1.0.5. Provides dependency injection for POGOs that are not Grails domain classes
  • routing version 1.1.2. Send and route messages to a wide variety of destination endpoints directly from your Controllers and Services using Camel
  • spring-security-core version 1.2.6. The official Grails security plugin; integrates with Spring Security
  • spring-security-facebook version 0.4. Plugin for Facebook Authentication, as extension to Grails Spring Security Core plugin
  • spring-security-saml version 1.0.0.M9. SAML 2.x support for the Spring Security Plugin
  • uploadr version 0.5.5. HTML5 Drag and Drop file uploader
  • webxml version 1.4. Add additional features to your web.xml, such as Filters, Config Listeners or Context Parameter definitions

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  1. The routing plugin is in version 1.1.4-SNAPSHOT not in 1.1.2 as you’ve mentioned it.

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