This Week in Grails (2012-41)

I didn’t have time to do a post last week since I was getting ready for SpringOne 2GX 2012 which will be this week. Should be another great conference this year, I’m sure there will be a lot of buzz on Twitter.

Groovy 2.0.5 was released this week.

Groovy project tech lead Jochen “blackdrag” Theodorou has published two blog posts this week, Owner, Delegate and (implicit) this in an Open Block and Open Blocks and MOP 2.

Be sure to vote for your favorite web framework in the InfoQ Top 20 Web Frameworks for the JVM poll.

Spring Tool Suite and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.1.0 were released this week.

Spock 0.7 was released this week. Looks like a lot of cool new features.

Check out this new Grails job site,

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There were 10 new plugins released:

  • app-forty-two-paas version 0.1. Develop engaging and connected Mobile, Web, Social, Enterprise and SaaS Apps using ShepHertz App42 PaaS Cloud and Backend as a Service Platform
  • backbonejs version Provides resources for Backbone.js
  • bruteforce-defender version 1.0. Adds functionality of blocking user account after a configured number of failed login, thus countering brute-force attacks
  • closure-compiler version 0.4. Compiles/optimizes your javascript resources with the Google Closure Compiler
  • ember-templates-precompiler version 0.1. Precompiles EmberJS powered Handlebars templates
  • foursquare version 0.1. Integrates the Foursquare APIs
  • glickr version 0.1. Integrates the Flickr API
  • gvps version 0.2. Host, manage and display video assets, and convert standard movie formats to the Flash movie format FLV
  • rabbitmq-tasks version 0.5.2. Run background tasks using RabbitMQ to queue them
  • webhook version Easily register and associate a webhook with services provided by individualized controllers

and 22 updated plugins:

  • asynchronous-mail version 0.7. Send email asynchronously by storing them in the database and sending with a Quartz job
  • attachmentable version 0.3.0. Provides a generic way to add and manage attachments
  • aws-sdk version 1.3.22. Use the Amazon Web Services infrastructure services
  • cors version 1.0.1. Installs a servlet filter to set Access-Control-Allow-Origin and other CORS related headers to enable cross site AJAX requests to your Grails application
  • cucumber version 0.6.2. Test your Grails apps with Cucumber
  • cxf version 1.0.5. Expose Grails services as SOAP web services via CXF
  • cxf-client version 1.4.6. Use existing (or new) Apache CXF wsdl2java generated content to invoke SOAP services
  • dustjs-resources version 0.9.2-BETA2. Supports server-side compilation of .dust template files to their .js counterparts
  • ext-proc version 0.3. Provides easy access to external processes
  • facebook-sdk version 0.4.2. Allows your application to use the Facebook Platform and develop Facebook apps on or on web sites (with Facebook Connect)
  • font-awesome-resources version 2.0.1. Integrates the Font Awesome icon set
  • functional-test-development version 0.9.2. Installs a script, develop-functional-tests, that you can use to develop your functional tests more conveniently
  • grom version 0.2.5. Sends notifications on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • guard version 1.0.7. Provides a way to run integration tests without having to repeatedly bootstrap the environment
  • jasper version 1.6.1. Enables use of JasperReports
  • jquery-ui version 1.8.24. Supplies jQuery UI resources, and depends on the jQuery plugin to include the core jquery libraries
  • plastic-criteria version 0.3. Mock Grails Criteria for Unit Tests
  • remote-control version 1.3. Execute code inside a remote Grails application
  • struts1 version 1.3.11. Lets you use Struts 1 as a the controller/view layer
  • underscore version 1.4.2. Simple plugin wrapper for useful Underscore.js library
  • uploadr version HTML5 Drag and Drop file uploader
  • vaadin version 1.5.5. Adds Vaadin ( integration

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