This Week in Grails (2013-10)

The speaker lineup for GR8Conf US has been announced, and a partial list of speakers have been announced for GR8Conf EU. Be sure to get your tickets now before the prices go up.

I released a new plugin this week that adds Dropwizard support for Grails. Check out the introductory blog post for usage information and a test project.

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There were 3 new plugins released:

  • dropwizard version 0.1. Adds support for Dropwizard
  • file-server version 0.1. Serves files from any directories on disk
  • health-control version 0.1. Automated control of services, resources and other things that might fail from time to time

and 14 updated plugins:

  • aws-sdk version 1.3.33. Use the Amazon Web Services infrastructure services
  • bootstrap-crumbs version 1.0.2. Provide simple breadcrumb functionality using the twitter bootstrap library
  • coffeescript-compiler version 0.9.2. Compiles .coffee source files into .js files
  • cxf-client version 1.5.1. Use existing (or new) Apache CXF wsdl2java generated content to invoke SOAP services
  • gson version 1.0.1. Provides alternate JSON (de)serialization using Google’s Gson library
  • hd-image-utils version 0.4. High quality image manipulation plugin for scaling and cropping images. Uses the pure Java java-image-scaling library
  • ic-alendar version 0.3.5. Export event data in the iCalendar format
  • jesque version 0.6.0. Groovier approach to using jesque
  • kickstart-with-bootstrap version 0.9.6. Start your project with a good looking frontend, with adapted scaffolding templates for standard CRUD pages using Twitter Bootstrap
  • mongodb version 1.2.0. Aims to provide an object-mapping layer on top of MongoDB
  • recaptcha version 0.6.2. Integrates ReCaptcha and Mailhide services
  • resources version 1.2. A resource management and processing framework
  • sharding version 0.9. Defines multiple database shards to horizontally scale data
  • wslite version Integrates the library

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