This Week in Grails (2010-51)

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Happy (belated) Festivus to you all.

A few notes first. I missed an item last week, Peter Ledbrook’s writeup of the cool stuff he’s working on at Also, if you want to keep up with these “This Week in Grails” posts you can access them directly via their category link or in an RSS reader with the feed for just these posts.

Miscellaneous Items


There were 8 new plugins released:

There were also several updated plugins:

  • ajaxflow version 0.1.10. Enables Ajaxified Webflows
  • cache-headers version 1.1.3. Improve application performance with browser caching
  • chargify version 1.0. Integration with
  • greenmail version 1.2.2. Support for email testing with GreenMail
  • grom version 0.2.1. Sends notifications on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • jquery-validation-ui version 1.0.1. Client Side Validation without writing JavaScript
  • maven-publisher version 0.7.4. Publish Grails projects and plugins to local and remote Maven repositories
  • multi-tenant-spring-security version 0.2.0. Integrates the multi-tenant plugin with the spring-security-core plugin
  • ofchart version 0.6.2. Open Flash Chart Plugin
  • resources version 1.0-RC1b. Improved handling for static resources (JS, CSS, images, etc.)
  • routing version 1.1.0. Integration with Camel
  • routing-jms version 1.1.0. JMS/ActiveMQ support for the routing plugin
  • springcache version 1.3. Caches Spring bean methods and page fragments generated by Grails controllers
  • zk version 1.0.1. Adds ZK Ajax framework ( support to Grails applications
  • zk-ee version 1.0.1. Enterprise Addons for the ZK plugin

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  1. foxgem says:

    Hi Burt

    Would you like me to translate “This Week in Grails” into Chinese?

    I have sent a mail to you, please check it.


  2. Daniel says:

    The link to eclipse-groovy 2.1.1 is broken

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