This Week in Grails (2011-09)

This week was a blur for me – I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. Working on interesting new stuff makes the time fly by.

If you haven’t already, check out the new look of the Grails reference docs. StĂ©phane Maldini and Damien Vitrac did a fantastic job with the changes – no more frames 🙂

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There were 2 new plugins released:

There were also several updated plugins:

  • activiti version 5.3. Integrates the Activiti BPM Suite and workflow system
  • app-info version 0.4.3. provides a UI for inspecting and altering various aspects of the application’s configuration
  • aws version Provide easy access to simpler functions of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • ckeditor version Implements the integration layer between Grails and the CKEditor web rich text editor.
  • extjs version Provides Ext JS resources
  • facebook-graph version 0.7. Provides access to the Facebook Graph API and makes easier the development of a single sign-on using the Facebook Authentication proposal.
  • fitnesse version 0.5. Makes it possible to use the popular Open Source testing framework Fitnesse in combination with Grails.
  • json-rest-api version 1.0.3. JSON RESTful API for GORM
  • jasper version 1.2.1. Enables use of JasperReports
  • maven-publisher version 0.8.1. Publish Grails projects and plugins to local and remote Maven repositories
  • mondrian version 0.2. Integration with the Mondrian open source Relational OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine
  • mongodb-morphia version 0.7.1. Alternative MongoDB GORM based on the Morphia library (former gorm-mongodb)
  • nerderg-form-tags version 1.3. Bringing Readability, Convention, Consistency and CSS to form design
  • sanitizer version 0.6.2. Sanitizes markup(HTML, XHTML, CSS) using OWASP AntiSamy Filters
  • spawn version 0.3. Allows you to specify a specific template for a domain class
  • struts1 version 1.3.10. Lets you use Struts 1 as a the controller/view layer

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