This Week in Grails (2011-34)

Micro Cloud Foundry, a downloadable VMware image that you can run locally to test Cloud Foundry, was released this week. Check out Peter Ledbrook’s blog post on using it with Grails, and also check out this post on using it with Spring applications. In related news Cloud Foundry now has support for PHP and Python.

There’s been some good activity with the user guide translations. There’s a discussion in the grailsEnCastellano Google group about working on a Spanish translation, and the approach they’re taking makes a lot of sense. They’ve setup a shared Google Docs spreadsheet where people can signup for sections to spread the workload among several translators – so far Aitor Alzola (who does the Spanish translations of these posts), Alberto Vilches, Dani Latorre, and Domingo Suarez Torres have committed to sections. If you’re interested in doing a new language translation see this post for how to get started.

Marc Palmer asked people to tweet why they love Grails and the response has been great. Search Twitter for the #whyilovegrails hashtag for people’s responses so far, and tweet your own if you haven’t yet.

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There were 3 new plugins released:

  • compass-scss-integration version 0.2.6. Compass, SASS and SCSS support for Grails
  • gorm-native-finders version 0.1. Query domain objects using native Groovy closures
  • simpledb version 0.1. Integrates the AWS SimpleDB datastore into Grails, providing a GORM API onto it

and 14 updated plugins:

  • ajax-uploader version 0.4. Tag Library which implements Andrew Valum’s excellent file uploader
  • cloud-foundry version 1.0.3. Integrates Cloud Foundry’s cloud deployment services to manage the running of Grails applications in the cloud from the command line
  • google-visualization version 0.4.1. Provides a taglib for the interactive charts of the Google Visualization API
  • gorm-couchdb-elasticsearch version 0.7. Integrates CouchDB with ElasticSearch, indexing domain instances using the Couchdb _change feed
  • i18n-fields version 0.6.1. Provides a declarative way of localizing domain classes’ fields for different languages
  • jesque version 0.11.M2. Groovier approach to using jesque
  • jesque-web version 0.11.M2. Web interface to view and manage jesque queues, jobs and workers
  • json-rest-api version 1.0.9. JSON RESTful API for GORM
  • lesscss version 0.9.6. Less CSS framework plugin
  • lesscss-resources version 0.5. Optimises the use of css files, compiling .less files into their .css counterprt, and place the css into the processing chain to be available to the other resource plugin features
  • oauth version 0.11. Provides easy interaction with OAuth service providers
  • ulc version 0.3.6. Provides access to the Canoo UltraLightClient (ULC) RIA kit
  • uploadr version 0.4.7. HTML5 Drag and Drop file uploader
  • zk-ee version 1.0.5. Enterprise Addons for the ZK plugin

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