This Week in Grails (2011-39)

Graeme announced that the release date for Grails 2.0 has been pushed back to November since we’re integrating Spring 3.1 and their schedule has slipped. This is a bummer for users who want to get their hands on the 2.0 final release, but good news since we’ll have some extra time to fix more bugs and polish things.

The Gradle team has started their own “This Week in Gradle” series. This is great news for me since I don’t actively follow things in the Gradle space (yet anyway) but a weekly summary will be very useful to keep up on where things are headed. Add their RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader to be automatically notified of new posts.

The Groovy development team will increase by one this week. Cédric Champeau will be starting Monday as a Groovy developer at SpringSource. This is great news for Groovy.

If you want to keep up with these “This Week in Grails” posts you can access them directly via their category link or in an RSS reader with the feed for just these posts.

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There were 11 new plugins released:

  • gordon-flash version 0.5. Protects flash scope from being cleared out unnecessarily
  • hibernate-spatial version 0.0.4. Provides support for using Hibernate Spatial in Grails
  • hibernate-spatial-hdb version 0.0.4. Hibernate Spatial Provider for H2/GeoDB
  • hibernate-spatial-mysql version 0.0.4. Hibernate Spatial Provider for MySQL
  • hibernate-spatial-oracle version 0.0.4. Hibernate Spatial Provider for Oracle
  • hibernate-spatial-postgresql version 0.0.4. Hibernate Spatial Provider for PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • hibernate-spatial-sqlserver version 0.0.4. Hibernate Spatial Provider for Microsoft SQL Server
  • website-optimizer version 0.1. Provides tags to easily integrate Google Website Optimizer experiments into your Grails application
  • jquery-mobile version 0.1. Provides jQuery mobile framework resource files
  • memcached version 1.0.1. Helps integrate Memcached as the Hibernate 2nd-level cache provider
  • cloud-support version 1.0.3. Support plugin to help cloud plugins update service provider connection information from the cloud environment

and 7 updated plugins:

  • console-enhancements version 0.4. Enhances the grails console output for better visibility
  • google-visualization version 0.4.2. Provides a taglib for the interactive charts of the Google Visualization API
  • notifications version 0.2.5. Implements a publish-subscribe model to push information to subscribers through different communication channels
  • ruby version 1.0.M2. Use Ruby code in Grails via JRuby
  • twitter-bootstrap version Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework resource files
  • weceem-spring-security version 1.1. Provides the glue needed to make Weceem plugin use Spring Security for authorisation and authentication
  • yui-minify-resources version 0.1.2. Minifies static css and js resources using the YUI Compressor library

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