This Week in Grails (2011-43)

The big news this week was SpringOne 2GX in Chicago. It’s always a fun conference and a great chance to learn a lot about what’s going on with the Spring and Groovy-ecosystem technologies and talk to developers creating the software that we use (or wish we were using) and the developers using these cool technologies in their jobs. I’ll be doing a separate post on this year’s conference that’ll include the slides and demo apps from my talks.

We were able to announce and demo the new Heroku plugin that we’ve been developing in collaboration with the folks at Heroku. Tomás Lin and Graeme were able to get Grails apps deployed when Heroku first announced support for Java but the process wasn’t very simple and involved Maven. The new plugin works a lot like the Cloud Foundry plugin in that it automatically reconfigures your DataSource, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, and even Memcached connection settings to use configured Heroku services, all with almost zero configuration in your application. We should have a proper release within the next couple of weeks – there are a just few more issues to iron out first.

Jochen “blackdrag” Theodorou doesn’t blog much but when he does it’s always a must-read, and this week there are two posts at his blog. Check out Feeling Grumpy? and Flow Sensitive Typing?.

Please take a moment to take this survey: Java Developers Survey of JVM Languages

Peter Ledbrook will be doing a webinar this week on new features in Grails 2.0: Webinar: Better productivity: Grails 2

We also crossed over the 700 plugin count this week – there are now 701 registered Grails plugins.

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There were 2 new plugins released:

  • jsbuild version Implements JsBuild utility in grails with added features
  • oauth-scribe version 1.0. Provides oAuth integration for Grails, using the Scribe framework

and 18 updated plugins:

  • compass-sass version 0.5.5. Compass, SASS and SCSS support for Grails. Automatically compiles .scss/.sass during run-app, and adds other framework functionality
  • elasticsearch version Adds support for the RESTful search engine
  • extjs version Provides Ext JS resources
  • extjs4 version Provides Ext JS 4 resources
  • gdsflex version 0.9.0. Provides integration between Grails and Adobe Flex using Granite Data Services
  • geb version 0.6.1. Geb is a library for headless web browsing on the JVM, suitable for automation and functional web testing
  • gsp-resources version 0.2.1. Use the resources plugin to include static files like main.css.gsp, so dynamically built CSS and JS can be served as proper files instead of inlined in a non-cacheable GSP file
  • portlets version 0.9.1. Aims to provide a simple way of developing JSR-168 portlets
  • recurly version 0.99. Communicate with Recurly servers
  • rest version 0.7. Enables the usage of HTTPBuilder
  • rich-domain version 1.0.4. Provides dependency injection for POGOs that are not Grails domain classes
  • ruby version 1.0.M3. Use Ruby code in Grails via JRuby
  • spring-security-facebook version 0.2.4. Plugin for Facebook Authentication, as extension to Grails Spring Security Core plugin
  • spring-security-saml version 1.0.0.M4. SAML 2.x support for the Spring Security Plugin
  • twitter-bootstrap version Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework resource files
  • webdriver version 0.3.3. Integrates Webdriver with Grails to allow functional testing in both HtmlUnit and real browsers
  • xwiki-rendering version 0.2. Convert texts using XWiki Rendering Framework
  • zkui version 0.4. Seamlessly integrates ZK with Grails’ infrastructures; uses the Grails’ infrastructures such as GSP, controllers rather than zk’s zul as in ZKGrails plugin

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