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Wow – SpringSource Bought G2One

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Apparently The Register broke the embargo and published an early article about the aquisition, which was noticed by a user on the mailing list.

This is great news for Groovy and Grails. Sun is becoming less and less relevant and unable to monetize the Java family, and is focusing way more on JRuby and Python than Groovy, which is the “official” Java scripting language. So it’s great that they’ll have the resources of Spring, Inc. behind them. Apparently they’ll be putting a lot of effort into improving the Eclipse plugin – woot!

I guess this explains a lot about why Graeme didn’t seem very concerned about Spring’s new maintenance policy.

Some links – the SpringSource page and announcement, Graeme’s blog post, Guillaume’s blog post, and Rod’s blog post.

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