This Week in Grails (2012-31)

The big news of this week was GR8Conf US 2012 in Minneapolis. It was quite a lot bigger than last year with four(!) tracks and apparently over 160 attendees. Watch Shaun Jurgemeyer’s Github repo where talk slides and code are being collected. Many thanks to Shaun and the other organizers and volunteers for another fun GR8Conf.

There are already a few blog posts up; check out Bobby Warner’s discussion of his “Contributing Back To Grails” talk and Andrew Eisenberg’s post on working with DSLs and DSLDs in Groovy-Eclipse

There was a lot of twitter activity – you can search on the #gr8conf hashtag. Here are some that I found interesting:

There was non-GR8Conf news too 🙂 I had some time at the airport after getting voluntarily bumped twice so I worked on a new release of the standalone plugin. I fixed all open issues and completely rewrote the approach used for working with the Tomcat jar files, so there shouldn’t be any more issues with the plugin causing conflicts with the application.

Not long after the 1.0 release, the Gradle team have released version 1.1.

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There were 4 new plugins released:

  • google-plus version 0.1. Provides utilities to interact with the Google Plus API
  • html5-mobile-scaffolding version 0.1. Scaffolds HTML5 mobile application using jQuery mobile in a single page
  • newrelic version 0.1. Adds the NewRelic Real User Monitoring feature to your GSP pages
  • slug-generator version 0.1. Generates unique slugs for String properties, for example to generate unique ‘nice’ urls for access to domain objects

and 11 updated plugins:

  • fields version 1.3. Customizable form-field rendering based on overrideable GSP template
  • geb version 0.7.1. Geb is a library for headless web browsing on the JVM, suitable for automation and functional web testing
  • jquery-validation-ui version 1.2.4. Client Side Validation without writing JavaScript
  • oauth version 2.0.3. Provides easy interaction with OAuth service providers
  • page-resources version 0.1.2. Enhances the resources plugin by allowing for creation of ‘page’ resource modules using convention over configuration
  • release version 2.0.4. Publishes Grails plugins either to a public or private repository
  • sendgrid version 0.4. Allows the sending of Email via SendGrid’s services
  • shiro-openid version 0.5. Adds OpenID authentication to the Shiro plugin with a set of installable Shiro domain class and openid4java view templates
  • simpledb version 0.4. Integrates the AWS SimpleDB datastore into Grails, providing a GORM API onto it
  • standalone version 1.0.1. Runs a Grails application as a JAR file with an embedded Tomcat server
  • zkui version 0.5.3. Seamlessly integrates ZK with Grails’ infrastructures; uses the Grails’ infrastructures such as GSP, controllers rather than zk’s zul as in ZKGrails plugin

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