An internal error occurred while showing an internal error

I get this a lot using the Groovy/Grails Eclipse plugin at work:

An internal error occurred while showing an internal error

This reminds me of that line from Brazil – “My complications had complications.”

Yes I’ve tried Netbeans and IntelliJ – they’re nice but I don’t want to re-learn an IDE, I’ve spent a lot of time with Eclipse and other than the Groovy plugin, it does what I need and very well. And yes I’ve played with memory settings in eclipse.ini.

I have several Grails apps in my workspace, so I try to keep open only the ones that I’m actively using to avoid memory issues. But eventually memory gets screwy, and I get to restart Eclipse again. Yay!

I’m definitely looking forward to SpringSource allocating resources to improving the plugin now that they’ve aquired G2One – should help tremendously.

3 Responses to “An internal error occurred while showing an internal error”

  1. Pratik Patel says:

    I used to feel this pain as a long-time eclipse user. I eventually got tired of the eclipse problems and started looking at Netbeans and Intellij. All the kool kidz use TextMate and a shell, I’m thinking that may be what I settle on until the Netbeans or Eclipse groovy support is up to snuff.

  2. Jim Shingler says:

    LOL, I appreciate the quote from Brazil, . . . Great movie. I too look forward to SpringSource putting their experience behind the plugin.

  3. j pimmel says:

    I struggled with Eclipse a great deal (we all did at Sky) so ended up going to Intellij. While I’m far from being in love with it – plenty of things about it annoy me so much compared to Eclipse – which is far more developer friendly imo

    Once thing thats easy to toggle in the config is KeyBindings: the whole Eclipse keybinding set can be applied to Intellij making it even more useful.

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